Top Personality Traits of Successful Canadians

Redefining The Canadian Business Success

The article will focus on personal values and beliefs of successful Canadian entrepreneurs and business owners. Success can be defined in many ways from having sufficient income, to raising children who grow up to be happy and thriving adults. The culture of Canada has always been focused on equality for all, and Canada is considered the friendliest country in the world, with diversity and poise.

With the world quickly changing, it’s clear that Canadians are ready to ebb and flow with technological and virtual expansion on the horizon. One thing is for sure, the people of Canada are ready for this shift, and already know that humanity’s growth is their biggest goal; an identifier to a successful community interaction and global leadership.

We believe there are three major areas in human potential that Canadians hold deep with their being, thus giving them an edge of the heart in world leadership. These areas can be explored further, and may have roots much deeper than this blog post.

A Noble Respect for Fellow Humans

When talking to a group of people who offered their thoughts on what makes Canadians great in a world market, respect and nobility were the two words the researchers concluded. Most Canadians who started their own companies, did so after at least 12 months of narrowing and polishing their niche market. They defined success as having a flawless approach to doing business, while maintaining communication across the world.

Clear Planning Goals

When asked within a 20,000-member Facebook group, what were the top values that Americans saw in Canadians, the answers were astounding. Clear plans and goals was the top answer. How do Canadians differ from Americans when it comes to setting clear goals? It would seem that Canadians have a core competency threshold that cannot be easily breached. In other words, they strive to achieve the goals with little or no complaints or negative feedback.

 Canadians have a Strong Work Ethic

When defining success from a broad spectrum, it would appear that Canadians maintain a strong work ethic in business and lifestyle. Over the past 10-years, many Canadian business have opened their “brick and mortar” companies as well as online businesses. Canadians work until the last flicker of daylight, building their businesses.

Success is a Peaceful Word for Canadians

Success can be defined as empathy, intellect and accomplishment, and it can be defined as peace, tranquility and teamwork. Either way, the people of Canada know how to do business, while being major players of peace in the world theater. Canada is a safe place for any business wanting to create a sustainable outlook and bottom line.

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