Premdeep Singh & Asifa Baig - The Founders of Success.Foundation

Premdeep Singh - Founder (Right)

Premdeep Singh - Founded Success.Foundation with a mission to bring people at one platform from all professional fields to help each other by sharing the resources, information, and collaboration. Business Graduate from University of Houston, Tx. USA, Premdeep Singh is currently working for Air Canada and also owner of  - an event tickets portal. The other projects are www.Invention.Network,  www.Immigration.Network ­ www.Campus.Network

There Are Four Kinds Of People: Those Who Make Things Happen; Those Who Watch Things Happen; Those Who Wonder What Happened And Those Who Do not Know That Anything Happened.  I Have Always Wanted To Be The First On That List.

 Asifa Baig - Co-Founder (Left)

Asifa is a Chartered Accountant and works with the Ontario Government. Her expertise is in Enterprise Risk Management and she is a member of the ISO-International Standards Organization’s Enterprise Risk Management Committee.

Asifa’s passion is conscious enterprise and smart business models especially as they relate to the impacts of the Digital Revolution & Artificial Intelligence. As we head towards a world without work, there will be fewer and fewer ways in which people will be able to earn money; Asifa believes a paradigm shift in consciousness is needed in how business is done- it is not just good enough anymore to just make money. Business needs to step up and be held accountable for giving back to humanity.

Asifa has a number of business projects she is working on. She is the co-founder of Success Foundation, co-owner of a health food company called Halal for Health and ending hunger through Project Feeding Kids – the goal of these initiatives is to help those that are not well become well and those that are well, helping them reach their infinite positional.