Successful Canadians are Becoming Authors And Learning New Skills In Marketing Through Social Media

Canadian Authors Visibilities

The trend continues in Canada, toward on outstanding movement toward authorship. Despite the fact that many people believe it’s expensive and difficult to be an author, and that traditional publishing is very expensive, more and more authors are writing their story. Another trend that continues go grow in potential, is the possibility of Canadian authors having bestselling books that create global leadership impact.

Amazon Makes It Possible.

Today over a million new books have released through Amazon due to the increase in self-published or (Indie) authors. This rise in the number of books being written by Canadians, and self-published has also given way to a new way of marketing: Tapping the social media numbers gives you access to millions of potential buyers.

Marketing is a term that is used to describe the powerful outreach you put into showing the world what you have to offer. You see marketing messages all over the Facebook news feed and in clusters and groups, highlighting the works of new authors, showing off new books and giving information on how to buy the book. Some authors are coming out of the gate with online book clubs and interactive videos so the world can meet the author. This is so cool. I am amazed every day at the amount of work new authors are putting into their books.

Just recently someone told me they were in a book store in Alabama, and saw a book written by a Canadian author - that was self-published. She had been following the author for some time and had seen glittery graphics, Live streaming videos and articles about this book for weeks before the book even launched. This tells me that the publishing world is changing, so the more visible you can be with your book, even before it is written, the greater success you will see when you get ready to launch. There are so many new topics coming out from Canadian authors from “How to start a business”, to “How to recover from trauma”.

Facebook Book Clubs Are Rocking

Inside of a Facebook group a Canadian author seeking more visibility for his or her book, can join the group and talk about the chapters, reaching millions of potential book buyers.  This gives the book readers something to be excited about. Then, when the book launches (if the group is made first) guess what happens? Every member of the group that has followed the book up until that point, is going to rush to Amazon to order the book.

Once they get the book, as part of their loyalty to the author, they snap a selfie and put on Facebook. Bing! That’s right. More visibility and before you know it, a viral campaign has started. Each time the person posts a picture of the book, their friend’s list sees it and what happens? Yes. Their friends also want to buy the book.

Marketing your book needs to start in the heart of social media where millions of people are looking. You are just as worthy as anyone else to have a bestselling book that gets into the hands of people.

If you are planing to write a book then avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Not Planning your book. Common mistake we do is the belief that we just need to go to computer and start writing about your favorite topic or niche. In real, planning of the book is the first thing we need to do. Consider the overall purpose, what is going to segment in each chapter. It will give you better understanding writing a book and will provide you better results.
  2. Not Having A Passion. You may be planning to write a book for years but haven’t started yet. Or you have more than one idea to write a book about. Time to time you are able to find craze about one or another ideas. You need to choose one topic you are most passionate about. It will give you energy, focus and momentum when you actually write a book.
  3. Not Setting A Realistic Completion Date. If you will choose the time limit then you will get results. It will give you time you want to contribute for your project. It will also provide you the tool to measure your progress.