Personality and Potential – Emotional Intelligence in Planning Your Successful Business

Canadian Business Guide

Keeping your successful ideas and business plans in line with new models of crafting your ideal business day, means taking along hard look at what is driving consumer behavior. Canadians are powerful leaders and innovators in the global market place, and one of the reasons may be their elevated sense of emotional intuition (Emotional Intelligence)

Emotional intelligence is an area that is widening as we move further into the Virtual Revolution. In this humanization re-entry, we are starting to see the importance of picking up on deeper personality aspects such as emotional intelligence in interactions and conflict. Canadian men and women who are focused on success will know that this area must be of highest concern.

What is emotional intelligence anyway? Can you be emotional and intelligent in the same interaction or area of life and career? Studies have shown that in the corporate sector, training management in areas such as reaction, ability to lead and guide a team out of problems, and handling negativity and conflict resolution without reactivity are traits of leader that can withstand the heat. Managers must be able to handle consumer complaints as well as the attitudes of employees. These traits fall under the auspice of emotional intelligence.

However, we are in a virtual revolution where relationships are built in a chat box and over a zoom live video. This dynamic makes it even more important to consider emotional intelligence as a viable model for developing a winning business outlook and system moving forward. How do you determine the personality and potential of other people whom you engage with on a virtual platform?

We have a few ideas and would like to share them with you. First of all, someone’s personality touches on their deepest beliefs. Choosing how you will separate and label the interesting diversity of your ideal client, employee or marketing message will help in creating flow, ease and success. Simplicity is the key.

Number One – There are several intake platforms that allow you to create questions that can provide insightful answers to your questions about the ability to handle negative feedback, feel abandoned and feel unworthy, all personality traits you want to closely evaluate when deciding to get into a relationship in life or business. Asking the right questions such as “On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best, how would you rate your…” May employers use base questions but to really make this work, try using deeper questions such as “Do you sometimes feel like no one listens to your opinions?”.

Number Two – Tapping into someone’s potential to learn and grow, often is as easy as edifying them in public, or focusing on their strengths, then watching their personal reaction to what you did. If you bring out the good in someone, who may have been hiding their good, you may very well unearth a diamond who can help you in your endeavors. Every human being has potential, but how they use their potential is often the key element in determining their personality potential.

Number Three – Everyone has an energy that they emit. If you have ever been to a funeral then you surely know that the energy in a room where someone has just passed away, feels very heavy and hard. Just the same, individuals have their own energy that connects with your energy. Emotional intelligence goes deep into the total package of humanity. If someone you meet seems to not have any of the characteristics you think you want to see in an interaction, but their energy just makes you light up, then they are probably a good prospect for some place in your future plan.

Adding emotional intelligence protocols into your business planning, your professional business plan or your future ideas is a great way to see humaneness from the lens of evaluation.