How Canadians View Relationships In Businesses Focused On Global Leadership

Traits of Leadership

Global Leadership Today

There is no doubt you have seen the news and views on political issues that pertain to Canada and its policies. Many Canadians are seen on the global platform as balanced and compassionate, and at the same time, they have been viewed as liberal and too kind. This poses a great conversation for the years to come on how men and women view relationships in business and global leadership.

Success can be defined in many ways, but none more importantly that success achieved on the Global Grid. More than ever, human beings are being asked to step up into their potential, with the looming reality of artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Being a leader on a global scale, will and does require the best minds in the land. How do most Canadians view global relationships in the personal and professional space.

Test Study

About 3 years ago I met a woman who had just lost her job from IBM while simultaneously losing her adoptive father who left her a rather large sum of money. Since I am Canadian, writing this article on Canadians and their view on success, it’s appropriate that I offer this case study. Of course no names are going to be given.

My interaction with her was good from the beginning, she was kind and very refined in conversation. She always said please and thank you, and she had a strong knowledge of her industry. Her goal was to create a company and programs to help busy people create a calmer life and business. She dealt with me very professionally and her overall mentality was that there were no dividing lines. Her only concern was in the conversion of Canadian to US Dollars, which is a continual issue between the US and Canada.

Making the Case for Unity

For the most part, Canadians are a big player in the Global economy, keeping peace during times of global turbulence. Continuing to develop solutions that support and encourage the people to be their healthiest, best self, and retaining the spirit of respect and honor among its government, gives Canadians 5-Stars in the arena of Global Leadership.

The relationships formed between Canadian success pioneers and the world around them, will be based on their ability to ebb, flow and grow during rapidly changing times. The global conversations around human potential and the bridge between technology and future growth, will benefit from an open-minded country of people who are blinded to judgment.