Canada Poised To Dominate The Artificial Intelligence Movement

Modeling Business After the Human Brain

In the coming years, and very soon, the world’s economic theatre will once again be challenging humans to up their game. Canada has products some of the world’s leading innovators, and has an astounding environment for Artificial Intelligence expansion. Artificial intelligence, seems to be a term that is talked about more and more. Rightfully so. It is the next wave of the future. In the days of old, humans created computers, but what’s the secret?

Artificial intelligence breaks the boundaries of what humanity believes, they believe. In other words, robots can mimic humans and cars will one-day fly in the sky; like the Jetson’s cartoon. Because Canadians have been well cared for by their government, their overall health may be an indicator that Canadians are well-suited to lead the Artificial Intelligence Revolution. See, the human brain is the secret behind all AI because it is the starting place of it’s creation.

A Well-Oiled Brain will be Demanded

Knowing that Canada may well lead the way in AI Innovation, one can opine that the human brain will be required, and it will need to be at the top of its game. Successful Canadians are ready to make this jump.

Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban says, “Artificial Intelligence will create Trillionaires” which means that there will be a shift in the way we use AI for business and for our personal lives. We will be voice activating life assistants and wirelessly controlling every aspect of our reality with artificial humans. It is of critical, mass importance that everyone understand this technology and why it is important for the financial ecosystem of Canada.

The Human Potential Element

10-years ago we knew the brain had an intense power to send and receive information. In fact, as early as the 1950’s, we knew how to fashion the workings of a computer, similar to that of the human brain. However, the technology we have created, is starting to take ownership of the organ that created it: Technology such as smart phones is becoming an addiction. Because of the constant flow of information, human brains are filling with useless information, rather than expanding with useful information. Without an elevated human potential movement, Canadians and the world at large may suffer a great collapse in their level of success.


Canada’s banks are turning to artificial intelligence to better serve client needs. TD Bank’s acquisition of Toronto’s Layer 6 AI is also an example of how Canada is becoming a tech talent incubator.

Artificial Intelligence Canada

In all early research going on in A.I., Canada is quietly becoming leader in A.I. research and development. For more than decade, Canadian Institute of Advance Research and National Science & Engineering  Research Council have been funding for Artificial Intelligence for decades. The result is that Canada is having world’s leading A.I. researchers and innovators.

Next A.I. is about commercializing research to solve real problems based on real technologies today. Canada got little edge by commercializing in early stage. There is disruption happening globally in A.I. & Deep Learning technologies. The big leaders are embracing it. The staggering statistics are, A.I. market is going to expand from $644million last year to $37billion global by 2025. This is 57 times increasing in short period which is going to change the world.

Canadian business leaders like RBC, Magna, Scotia, TD are becoming part of this revolution. Canada is leader in A.I. for financial services, banking,  Automotives industry, Manufacturing and Agriculture industry, Canada is already the real leader in many of these area. Canadian A.I. research doesn’t necessarily need only Ph.D’s. They also need business, financial, fund raising and network experts from other streams to make it commercialize. They also have challenge to keep them in Canada to build made in Canada A.I.’s.

NEXT Canada Co-chair Tony Lacavera and Next Founders alum Ben Alarie, CEO of Blue J Legal, discuss the NextAI partnership announcement and Canada’s opportunity to become a world-class artificial intelligence hub.

NEXT Canada is a national non-profit charity with a focus on increasing national prosperity through innovation and entrepreneurship. The organization grew out of The Next 36, a program founded in 2010 by a group of visionary business leaders and academics. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) attracted US$162 million in investments across 12 deals in the first half of 2017, the highest amount of funding in Canada in the past five years, according to the quarterly MoneyTree Canada Report from PwC Canada and CB Insights.

Canadian AI Superclusters

Compare to USA, Canada  scale much smaller, and the country has not yet fostered a tech hub remotely comparable in size to Silicon Valley. But that may be changing, thanks to a number of powerful stakeholders’ determination to build AI superclusters in Canada. The Canadian government is determined to build AI ‘Superclusters’ in Toronto-Waterloo, Montréal, and Edmonton to utilize the country’s top research resources.


Toronto-Waterloo Chapter

Downtown Toronto’s 140,000 square-metre MaRS Discovery District features an Edwardian-style Heritage Building, linked by a spacious glass-roofed Atrium with a new South Tower and the Toronto Medical Discovery Tower. 

MaRS Discovery District  dedicated to driving economic and social prosperity by harnessing the full potential of innovation. World’s largest innovation hubs, a 1.5-million-square-foot complex located in the heart of Canada’s largest research cluster in downtown Toronto.

MaRS works with an extensive network of private and public sector partners to help entrepreneurs launch and grow the innovative companies that are building our future — startup ventures with broad economic and societal impact.

Edmonton Chapter

The Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII), Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence Group (RLAI) and Bionic Limbs for Improved Natural Control (BLINC) are all located on the campus of University of Alberta. Amii researchers, based out of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, are world-leaders in a number of subfields of machine learning and artificial intelligence, together called machine intelligence.

Montréal Chapter

Montréal is traditionally regarded as a cultural hub, and now the city wants to add AI to its profile. The federal government has given Montréal Universities special research grants totalling C$213 million, while the provincial government also plans to invest C$100 million over the next five years.

MontrealInstitute for Learning Algorithms (MILA) on the campus of Université de Montréal. MILA is supported by the Institute for Data Valorisation (IVADO), a closely-knit group formed by four academic institutions: École Polytechnique de Montréal, Université de Montréal, HEC Montréal, and McGill University. IVADO received $93 million in standalone funding in 2016.

Powerful Mind Hacks to Get Your Brain Ready

You know that to succeed, you must engage the power of your mind, right? And, I have just told you that artificial intelligence, relies on the workings of the brain. You must be ready for this transition to continue to be a successful Canadian in a quickly shifting ecosphere.

One – Use your Smartphone to help make yourself smarter. Walking down the street aimlessly, while you junk out on Facebook weakens your brain because you are unable to retain, much less use, any information that sinks into your mind as you are doing nothing to expand your neuro-feedback profess. You must put down the phone to fully connect with your ability to be a player in the AI Game.

Two – Drink plenty of water and take supplements that help your brain fire and wire in expansion. Your brain is the central processing unit of your entire existence. Artificial intelligence will take over, and you will soon see that your brain feels groggy and slow. This is the dynamic of humanity that will always be stronger than artificial intelligence if you are awake and pay attention.

Three – Just Google it! Google is the best example of AI out there. It’s technology is not only intuitive, but can be scary if you are unable to tune into it’s algorithm; which changes every day and will continue to change. Google is a noun, verb and adverb. You can “Google It”, “Search Google”, and “Command Google” to answer your questions. Your ability to continue to expand your brain, is the Key to gliding along the AI river, when it becomes more prominent.